(1) Click for Full Data Graphic; (2) CNN Article on World's Richest 1% & Global Poverty

*Press the 'Play' button or above or click here --- Pete's personal views on Occupy, OTRP & "The Big Picture" (13 min videoclip)*

Worse than 1929?

1% of Americans now own 43% of U.S. wealth and the top 1% in globally own 80% of global wealth. As technological change advances and the outsourcing of real production to slave labor circuits picks up (post Clinton/NAFTA) the U.S. has seen the the loss of well over 20 million U.S. manufacturing jobs to a third world de facto slave labor & resource circuitry (China, Indonesia, India, Mexico, etc.) which primary benefits New York & London bankers and the so-called "1%".
Repeatedly, systemic collapse is staved off in the "Western World" via asset inflation and/or debt creation and via exploitation of third world slave labor circuits and natural resources. Populations in the Western world are socially engineered into consumer mindsets without any historical or contextually grounded understanding of the global picture and the so-called "Third World"/Majority world population. They are kept distracted. Pyramid top workers are continuously encouraged to passively submit to authority structures while media distracts and entertains them.
In 2008, a worried 1% subservient U.S. Federal Reserve (and its Europe/Japan-China/Gulf State proxies) injected unprecedented lquidity via trillions of bond issuances to stimulate aggregate demand via government spending, tax concessions,and essentially zero/negative real interest rates. The Federal Reserve's QE1 and QE2 projects were essentially efforts to save the 1% enabled by the de facto printing of money. Despite all of these efforts the US economy still shrank by over 12% in 2008 and -- as of November 2011 -- the real U.S. unemployment rate stands somewhere between 20% and 23% and real home prices are down between 35% to 40% on average nationwide from their 2007 peak valuations. The real cost of food and living has increased for most Americans. Further, beyond the already greater than 1930s Depression level unemployment numbers, workers' real salaries have declined by over 8% since 2007.
All of this has occured at an unprecedented long term costs.
The corporate media now lies daily to you and constantly distracts you with inane nonsense.
The warping of truth gets worse and worse. The disconnect between the 1% pyramid top and the rest of the world gets worse and worse. Please sign up via the right listserve for the Monday, Jan 2, 2012 "Occupy the Rose Parade" action and help us spread the word. Details pending via this site and the listserve (please see signup link in middle column).

Boycott Bank fo America



Network (1976) : Howard Beale's classic speech (5 min)

Occupy Dollar Bill


The Relevant Quote: "There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you're free and unless others are free, the machine will be prevented from working at all."
― M. Savio (UC Berkeley; Dec. 2, 1964). Savio quote videoclip (1 min 48 sec; click here).

"There is No Honor In this Shit." (Watch entire below videoclip to end; Related content throughout links & bulletin boards/tabs via this OTRP site(see left menu ) & also here)

The Relevant Quote-->: "There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you're free and unless others are free, the machine will be prevented from working at all." ― M. Savio (UC Berkeley; Dec. 2, 1964). Savio quote videoclip (1 min 48 sec; click here).

(1) *CLICK HERE FOR 2012 OCCUPY-WELLS FARGO PRESS RELEASES/VIDEO & RELATED MATERIALS; (2) *2/6/2012 Press Release: Occupy Takes On Wells Fargo at*; (3) 8 Challenges Presented by Occupy Activists to Wells Fargo; (4) RELATED BULLETIN BOARD

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

01/02/12 - 5,000 to 7,000 OTRP Occupiers participated in "We the People" Parade Procession, well in excess of OTRP's original best case estimate of 2,000 to 4,000!
(A) CBS news on OTRP( 2:40 min); (B) KTLA news link (2 minutes);New Image(C) America's Two Constitutions -- OTRP Procession (1:40 min); (D) Guido Corleone and the Luminaries @ OTRP "Let's Talk About Occupy" (3 min rap video); (E)Laura Love @ OTRP - "We Shall Not be Moved" ; (F)New Image OTRP - "Revolutionary Changes" coming (7 min)
Jan 2 2012 - 2 OTRP Constitutions

New ImageGreat article on OTRP & the passion & dedicaion of the volunteer activists who made Occupy The Rose Parade a reality for tens of millions:

OCCUPY THE ROSE PARADE ~ Photos (via M. Chickey) PART 1 :

OTRP ~ Photos (via M. Chickey) PART 2 :

Mike's photos are truly excellent. They give one a real feel for the exhilirating feeling experienced by the people involved in the actual OTRP People's Parade procession.

New ImageCheck out Janet Murphy's cool video/music compilation for Occupy The Rose Parade

(1) Insight Out News (Margot Paez)' Highquality video Livestream archive -- starts from the initial Singer Park setup (7:30 am, Monday, Jan 2, 2012):
(2) Paez' video news - Part 1: Jan 2, 2012 ; (3) Paez - Part 2- Jan 2, 2012:

*Occupy Freedom LA's (Magda) OTRP Livestream (5:53 min)*
*OakFoShow's Epic OTRP Stream (Spencer Mills - 19:12 min)*

New ImageCBS's News Article: "Rose Bowl Parade Gets Occupied" (01/02/12)
Two Other Videoclip Links & 1 Photo slideshow-->: (1) Videoclip from corner as march turned into City Hall. About 60% of key OTRP visuals; (2) Walking through OTRP march from start to back. (3) Also --> Steve Goldsmith's Slide Show of OTRP (Jan 2, 2012)

(1) First raw KTLA Videoclip in from 01/02/12 People's Parade-- more to come; (2) AP News Story (01/02/12); (3) Reuters 01/02/12 Story; (4) 01/02/12 article re OTRP Protesters unfurling -- concurrent with Wells Fargo Float -- a "Stop Foreclosures"/"Occupy" double-banner setup from Bleachers before Police Take Away; (5) LA Times 01/03/12 Article on OTRP visuals.

OTRP Octopus Photo

Occupy The Rose Parade -- post People's Parade Press Conference & People's Rally/Concert (11am - 2pm); Above Photo Credit: Sean McDuffee, Occupy Redlands


Photo of Occupy OTRP Volunteers - Thurs, 12/29/11 rehearsal at Singer Park.
Raw Story Article for OTRP "Rap" Video


NEW (Jan 1st @ 2pm): Press Conference on U.S. & CA Foreclosure Crisis (pdf).

Main Outreach Handout (20,000 copies distributed along Colorado Blvd on Jan 1 & 2 by OTRP Volunteers): Dec. 6, 2011 - L.A. City Hall's Unanimously Passed Anti-Corporate Personhood Resolution & Call for a Constitutional Amendment (2 pgs)

Please bring your own Occupy themed & Very Large Signs/Banners for the cameras/reporters on-site. Ideally the signs should be 4 ft X 10 ft or larger -- Black Text on White background or White Text on Black background works best.
Fyi, OTRP's core banner and sign messages include the following:

(1) Corporate Money Out of Politics Now! (2) Stop Foreclosures! ; (3) End Corporate Personhood; (4) We are the 99% (5) OCCUPY! (6) Jail Wall Street Criminals (7) Reverse Citizens United; (8) Bring Back Glass Steagall Act.

(2)(a) *OTRP Video Promo (5 min)* ; (b) NBC OTRP Promo videoclip (Dec. 30 2011) ; (c) 2011 KTLA Rose Parade Video

(3) Dec. 6, 2011 - L.A. City Hall's Unanimously Passed Anti-Corporate Personhood Resolution & Call for a Constitutional amendment (2 pgs)


"We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize." ― Thich Nhat Hanh

"Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it." - Bertolt Brecht

THE WHO: You, Ellen Brown (Web of Debt & Public Banking advocate), Daniel Wayne Lee (Move To Amend Co-Chair), Marcy Winograd, Cindy Sheehan, Michelle Shocked, & other nationally recognized Occupy activists and their supporters. Why? To spotlight a dysfunctional system & growing Economic & Social Justice concerns that have reached crisis proportions.


Sunday -- "The People's New Year's Day Summit": New Year's Day People's Summit: Forum on Economic & Social Justice & Celebration of A New Era
Time/Location/Subjects: 3-6pm on Sunday, Jan 1st, 2012 at ALL SAINTS CHURCH IN PASADENA-- 132 North Euclid on the West Lawn and/or in the Sanctuary of the church, directly across from the East Steps of Pasadena's City Hall. Event combines a Teach In style forum on the topics of (1) The U.S. Foreclosure crisis, (2) Corporations aren't People (Corporate Personhood issue), & (3) The Return to Publicly Funded elections with a family friendly celebration featuring music, poetry & art.
Monday, Jan 2, 2012-- "The People's Parade" @ 7am: OWS "Human Float" (#44) and "We are the 99%" float (#99) - Coordinators : Pasadena Activist David Cutter (; Tele: 626.260.1615) & Artists Janet & Matt Driggs (; Tele: 213.300.1421).
OccupyOctopusWith respect to OWS Human Float #44, please note this will require you to bring large banners/signs and to sign up via our listserve (see below. There will be 43 floats prior to OWS' float. Float # 44/#99 will be our float with visual displays including a 250 foot "We the People" U.S. Constitution, a 50 foot "We The Corporations" version, a giant "Goldie Sachs" Wheel of Fortune exhibit, a Wall Street "Occupy The Octopus" (Occupy The Vampire Squid) representing Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Citibank (i.e. Wall Street) and much more. // "OCCUPY THE OCTOPUS" (70 FT BY 40 FT) AT LA CITY HALL - CLICK HERE

THE WHY: "If not Now, then When. If not Us, then Whom?" : Americans are at the pyramid top of a system engineered and manipulated by international bankers, an unprecedented out-of-control military industrial congressional complex & the global proxy agents of that very same complex (see, e.g., the $2.3 TRILLION missing money / Donald Rumsfeld clip in the right column). People around the world are fed up with Bankers' greed & pyramid top ponzi-schemes that have primarily benefited the 1%. Also, because "Everything is Not Coming Up Roses" for the vast majority of Americans as well as most of the world's population. There has been no meaningful Wall Street accountability or reform for the unprecedented dot-coma and Real Estate Ponzi schemes of the last decade.
anti-NWO imageWhy? Because of a social engineering pyramid-top system that has spun out of control 1% of Americans now own 43% of America's total wealth -- up from ownership of 18% in 1980 (pre-Reagan/Thatcher). The same 1% control 56% of U.S. Financial Wealth. The U.S. Congress is now completely brought and paid for by universal banks such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citibank and Chase. New York & London/European banks & their holding companies' effectively control all major media. Increasingly, the public is spoonfed lies and distractions daily.
America's superrich are also being protected via a devalued dollar and a de facto printing money policy (QE1 & QE2) that has worked to create phantom earnings for Wall Street bankers and the Fortune 500 they own and represent. The costs have been to Social Services (Education, Health Care) which are being cut everywhere and future generations of taxpayers (our children). Further, corporate & capital gains taxes have been generally left untouched (they currently stand at 15%, down from 25%+ pre-9/11) and the 1% that own 56% of U.S. finanical wealth have benefited enormously.
Also: Because 1% of the world's population owns & controls 80% of global wealth and because an estimated 20,000 people starve to death globally EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our so-called elected leaders are really just Wall Street and New York/London money center puppets manipulated by DC's highly paid 3,000 financial lobbyists. Because a highly concentrated media now regularly lies to Americans and 'spins' issues in favor of the national and global 1%.

arrowvector "Wall Street Is In Charge." ...Or is It?
The bankers' global system simply does not work, is unjust and is illusory. Americans are constantly distracted and lied to, daily. A pyramid-top U.S. Congress is entirely brought & paid for by Wall Street & its 2,500+ financial lobbyists in Washington DC alone. The 1% and their banks have socially engineered and enabled a media propaganda, cultural & educational system that enables historical ignorance, discourages critical thinking and creates passive submission to self-dealing authority structures.
IMPORTANT: America is only 4% of the world's population but its military budget is now larger than the other 96% of the world combined.
Please watch the Bill Moyers Journal interview with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur to the left . Then watch the Aug. 10, 2011 Dylan Ratigan 3 minute commentary videoclip further below).

1 million will be in attendance at the Rose Parade in Pasadena. 50 million will be watching throughout the USA with another 200 million watching globally via live TV circuits and thousands of on-site reporters & cameras.

Why Occupy the Rose Parade?

The Rose Parade is an ideal messaging vehicle. It has also become far too militarized (see, for example, the choice of this year's 2012 Grand Marshall, J.R. Martinez-- an Iraq war soldier) and far too corporatized with major banks & financial institutions increasingly undwriting many of the floats.
Our core demand is simple : Take "Corporate Money out of Politics".


Click Here for Ratigan Text Excerpt


(1) Take Corporate Money out of Politics: (A) Reverse Chief Justice Roberts & Supreme Court "Citizens United" ruling; (B) Continue with immediate congressional action to ban Corporate Money from all U.S. federal & state office elections; and
(2) Reinstitution of the 1930s "Glass Steagal" wall that separated investment and commercial banking functions (no universal banks); and
(3) Profit disgorgement & punitive actions (PRISON) for the CEOs & banks that benefited from the dot-coma & real estate ponzi schemes of 1998-2008; and
(4) Immediately restore the Capital Gains' post 9/11's 15% tax level to pre-G.W. Bush era (i.e. 30%; Capital Gains Tax rate was 49% late '60s); and
(5) Immediate Foreclosure Relief for Americans with provisions for tangible asset equity drawdowns for major banks which unfairly structured loan provisions during the 2000-2008 time period, especially Bank of America (owner of Countrywide's mortgage asset portfolio) and Citibank.

Inside Job 2011 Best Part (20 min) from Wall St. InsideJob


(2) (a) Mother Jones' stunning survey re the 1% and growing American Inequality ; (b) NY TIMES ARTICLE (JAN 15, 2012 RE TOP 1%)

...OCCUPY ISRAEL? 2013/14?


Occupy Israel

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Jan 21, 2012: Occupy 2.0 & Where do we Go From Here -- Click Here for 01/21/2012 brainstorming mtg notes ( mtg held at LA's Peace Center))

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T # (Pete Thottam): (310) 497-7255
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Steve Gelder [Dissident Radio] -- 1/19/2012 radio talkshow interview (about 40 min): Talking NWO, Bldg 7, Occupy The Rose Parade & more with Pete Thottam of OTRP/OccupyLA. Link Here (Note: the actual interview begins several minutes into the clip).

Callout for Sign & PA System/Flatbed Truck Donations :
--> (1) ***Click here for A 5 min Promo Video for OTRP***. (2) Click here for Dec. 30 2011 NBC OTRP Promo Clip. We need to raise about $2,000. Please donate $10, $20, or more to help us make the Jan 1-2, 2012 a peaceful, non-violent & non-disruptive but symbolic and historic demonstration about the corporatization & militarization of America's entire political system and way of life.

Fyi: 01/04/12 CNN Article on Global Wealth Distribution

IMPORTANT RE TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS: Human Float / OTRP Listserve Signup (click here). Phases 2, 3 & 4 are on Jan 2nd. Parking & Transportation logistics questions are answered further below in this column.

George Carlin's classic "The American Dream" (3 min) ; CLICK HERE FOR SPEECH TEXT

Activist Cindy Sheehan will be the 2012 Occupy The Rose Parade's official "NON-Grand Marshall" together with several other very well known activists and Occupy supporters (to be announced via listserve by Dec. 26th). We have been granted permits by Pasadena Police & authorities for two separate Rose Parade sites (including Singer Park for assemblage of the OWS / Occupy "Human Float" (Float #44)).
Other major keynotes for the press conference will be announced via the OTRP listserve. (1) Click Here for Global "Reality-Check" Image; (2) Boycott Black Friday image.



THE GOAL: We have called out for over 4,000 "Occupy Wall Street" protesters and supporters to come together from across California, New York and the rest of the USA & World with large 4 ft X 6ft (or larger) signs and banners focused on "Corporate Money Out of Politics", "Corporations are not People", "Wall Street Accountability", "End the Fed" demands & similar calls for real systemic reform.

Click Above for full photo.
Central Protest Location -- Starting at 6 am on Monday, Jan 2, 2012: Norton Simon museum(Orange Grove & Colorado Blvds.) in Pasadena. The Jan 2nd Rose Parade will officially start at 8 am and will until 11 am. NOTE: Curbside camping on the parade route is allowed beginning at noon the day before the parade. Also, Overnight camping is permitted only on the night before the parade (NO TENTS ALLOWED!). Do not arrive before noon the day before the parade. All persons and property such as blankets, chairs, etc., must remain on the curb until 11 p.m. on the night before the parade. At that time spectators may move out to the blue honor line.
The five-and-a-half mile Rose Parade route begins at the corner of Ellis Street and Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena. The Parade travels north on Orange Grove at a leisurely 2.5-mile per hour pace and then turns east onto Colorado Boulevard where the majority of the Parade takes place.
Please share this site with others & please join via left listserve. In 2008 -- when the top 1%'s bailouts were just beginning -- the "White Rose Coalition" came together with over 400 participating activists in a day of protest that was covered by a truly global media presence and by live television. Over 200,000,000 around the world witnessed and saw vocal & visible anti-bank bailout, antiwar and pro-impeachment (Bush/Cheney) protesters. This time we have set a goal of well over 4,000 "Occupy Wall Street" protesters converging and occupying together on Monday, Jan. 2, 2012. Stay active, Stay Aware & Stay Tuned.

"The Greatest Speech Ever Made" (3 min; C. Chaplin; 1940)

CBS News Flashback (Sept. 10, 2011): Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's announces a historic missing "$2.3 TRILLION" in Dept. of Defense missing funds (quote: "DOD's own auditor's "cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions, that's $8,000 for every man, women & child in America"). (Note: The sound for this important historical clip starts at 13 seconds). America is only 4% of the world's population but its military budget is now larger than the military budgets of the other 96% of the world COMBINED. The importance of this clip & related facts is explained elsewhere on this site's homepage. See clips below also.

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